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"Megan, thank you! Your music was incredible! You are the real deal."

                                                                                           - Wendy C., San Francisco


"Megan, Thanks so much for coming.  You are so talented.  You really made the party!  I am very appreciative of your energy!"

                                                                                 - Missy N., San Francisco


"Thank you SOOOOOOO much for coming today! You were the absolute best part of the party... thank you again for helping make today so special for us!"

                                                                                                      - Rebecca F., Greenbrae


"We wanted to thank you again for making Jules’ birthday party a raging success. Everyone thought you were wonderful and my husband can’t stop talking about how great it was to have you be a part of the festivities on Saturday. I couldn’t agree with him more :) I will happily pass along your contact info. to other parents and we look forward to being a part of another one of your music classes again in the future."                                                      - Leslie G., Mill Valley


"You did a fantastic job at Sean's party a couple of years ago! My family is still talking about it & are so happy that you can join us again for Mia's party!"             - Becky F., San Rafael


"I saw you perform a couple weeks ago.  Both of my boys loved you." 

                                                                                                     - Katie S., Corte Madera


"Thanks again for helping to make Sophie's b-day so special! Sophie had a great time and we know the music was one of her favorite parts."                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Aimee S., San Rafael


"Thank you!  Everyone really enjoyed you!"                          - Ashley G., Larkspur


"I brought my daughter to one of your classes and she absolutely loved it!"                                               - Jennifer W., San Rafael


"I just wanted to thank you for the great music class that we got to be a part of.  I think you are really talented and most important of all, you seem to really like the children and are so good with them.  I loved the class and the mellow feeling it had."                                           - Amy K., Corte Madera


"You are an amazing teacher."                                             - Erika L., Fairfax


"Thank you so much for the amazing job you did!  I can't say enough about you!"                                                        - Jen B., San Rafael


"Kate has loved music class and LOVES YOU so much. Thank YOU, Megan!"                                                                                           - Shannon K., Nicasio


"Thanks again for coming over, as always, we really enjoyed it!"

                                                                - Silvia C., San Francisco


"We LOVE you, Megan!  You have such great energy and I like how all the songs are interactive and meant to teach/show him stuff."        - Lacey W., San Francisco


"Megan has an excellent understanding of our little ones' developmental needs and capabilities and makes every effort to use music to nurture them. She has positive energy/attitude, is a good musician, and makes a point to build rapport with each mama and child."                                                                    - Catherine S., San Francisco


"We love our music group and all the things you incorporate into each class!"

                                                                                                                                             - Angela C., San Francisco


"Megan, thank you for coming yesterday. We had a blast!! I'll be sure to pass on your contact info to other moms. We were watching the video of the music session today with Arhaan and he started dancing again."                      - Priyanka P., San Francisco


"Thank you, Megan. Both Naia and her daddy have been loving the class."

                                                                                                                           - Amy L., Fairfax


"You were really the hit of the party! Thanks so much - you did a great job and everyone loved you."                                                           - Liz M., San Anselmo


"Megan, thank you so much for today, you made Lucy's birthday unforgettable and fun! Everyone loved your music!!!"                                           - Patrizia M., Sausalito





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