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"With so many ways to communicate at our disposal, we must not forget the transformative power of a live music experience and genuine human exchange."
- John batiste

Elevate your next social gathering with a special live performance by Megan (and Jason on percussion!) With a song repertoire that spans genres from classic rock, to jazz to 90's -- and of course all the indie style family music and toddler tunes -- guests of all ages will be raving for weeks. And yes, we do take song requests! Click here for more information on children's birthday parties.

Birthday parties, holiday gatherings, school & neighborhood parties, weddings, baby showers, garden/cocktail parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, family reunions, festivals & fairs, and much more!

Private playgroup music classes for children ages 0-5 are now available! Space is limited. For more information, click here.

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